How to win online poker ?

Making money playing poker on the internet is a dream for many players, many of whom are beginners. Many imagine that they will be able to quickly make a lot of money, to lead big game playing poker a few hours a day. Is it easy to become a winning poker player, in your opinion? Play small amounts

Playing little is synonymous with winning little, but also losing little. It's important to keep your head on your shoulders at all times, especially at the beginning. The mistakes you make with small amounts will teach you how to play well. They will serve as training. Later, you can play a little larger amounts. Before you play more money, always ask yourself how much you are willing to lose.

Set game limits

Whether your budget is 10, 100 or 1000 euros, you must set your limits and immediately leave the table as soon as these limits are reached.

In case of loss: you can set a limit of 10% or 15%. Which means that your total budget will be only 8,5, 85 or 850 euros the next time you play.

In case of gain: do not be too greedy. You can be happy to have won 10% or 15%, and have in your pocket 1,5, 15 or 150 euros more. It is important to know when to stop.

Do not be fooled by the profiles of other players

Even if you do not know them and they live on the other side of the planet, you could be influenced by their profile picture (a pretty charming woman, an attractive handsome guy, a touching kitten, a big bad boy, etc. .) or by name (Poker-Killer, 4AS, HighPokerPro, Poker-Novice, etc.).

Now you know why winning is nice. But victory is also an important source of error. Therefore, we advise you to leave the table immediately and take a break.

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